Debbie Does… Cornwall

Continuing my summer catch up series of blog posts… After my cheeky week away with my besties to Marbella I went to Cornwall for a long weekend with my other loves, THE PINEAPPLES, my social netball girls!  Taking a Friday off work we drove down Thursday evening, London to Cornwall took 5 hours, but felt far less thanks to the not suitable for blog chats we had on the way down! Continue reading

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Debbie Does… Marbella

I always seem to be apologising about the lack of blog posts, I have so many in my drafts too!  It has been a busy summer and now it’s officially over 😦 I have some time to catch up and fill you in on what my friends and I have been up to, and what better blog post to start with than my first ever trip to Marbella with my besties!  Continue reading

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Debbie Does… The Cotswolds

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a romantic weekend in the Cotswolds, The ‘Dirty Old Man’ I am seeing invited me down to his friend’s farmhouse in Chippy, that’s Chipping Norton for those in the know 😉  It’s the perfect distance from London for a getaway, with no traffic it’s only an hour and half drive from London, but feels a lot further thanks to the seemlessly endless countryside and fresh air! Continue reading

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Painters’ Paintings – A Private View

img_7313I write this blog as a hobby, it’s mainly an online diary of what I get up to, I don’t mind it being public as I am quite an open person and it’s nice to be able to refer friends to certain pages if they end up going on holiday to somewhere I have been or if I want to let my friends know of somewhere to go…  I never thought by writing my blog I’d end up being invited to so many press nights, restaurant openings and experiences, most of the invites I have to turn down as I am just too busy but occasionally one arrives that excites me!  I was invited to attend the private viewing of the latest summer exhibit at The National Gallery, “Painter’s Paintings: From Freud to Van Dyck” and knowing how much of an art lover my father is I decided to RSVP and take him along as my plus one! Continue reading

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Goodwood Races

img_6458The reason I couldn’t stay past midnight at the Summer Social festival was because the next day I had to get up early and go to Goodwood Race Track for the NSPCC sponsored race day where I had a table to host.  Goodwood racetrack is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the UK but getting there from London via public transport isn’t the easiest!  Continue reading

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Summer Social 2016

img_6467I don’t keep it much of a secret that I bloody love netball; I love it not only for keeping fit but for the friends you make… It’s actually like a community, everybody is so friendly and fun, which is why netball tournaments are always guaranteed to be a good laugh 😉  This year I pulled together a social team from across the many teams I have played with in the past to enter the Summer Social Netball tournament.  Continue reading

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Auction Against Hunger

img_6265Each year the charity Action Against Hunger hold their charity night out called Auction Against Hunger and it gets bigger and better every year!  This year’s event was at Street Feast’s Hawker House, hosting 2,000 of London’s biggest foodies including me and my friends 😉 Continue reading

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