Debbie Does Camping

IMG_1536This past weekend McD & I packed up our car and headed to the South Downs for a weekend in a field… My prior experience of camping is restricted to my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions undertaken during my school years and more recently 5 consecutive years of Glastonbury Festival’ing’, both of which obviously offered valuable experience I was able to draw upon ;) Continue reading

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Masterpiece London 2015

IMG_1427I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the annual NSPCC Neo Romantic Art Gala at Masterpiece London 2015 this week, it was an indulgent evening of art, performances and food all in the name of charity.  My words and photos can’t really give the evening justice, but I shall attempt anyway… Continue reading

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Hillarys Crafts Competition 2015

IMG_0706Not so long ago I heard through Joes Blog Network that Hillarys were holding a craft competition to celebrate the launch of their new Roman Blinds fabric collection; the brief was simple… they will send a 1 meter squared piece of fabric and I can craft whatever my heart desires from it and share it with them on my blog for the chance to win £1000!  So here is my entry… Continue reading

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Burgers, Beers & Babes…

IMG_0610So sorry for the lack of blog posts recently… **drumroll** and the reason being is I am helping my favourite London burger restaurant put on the dating event of all dating events! Continue reading

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Getting it wrong on twitter…

IMG_0312This whole blog post stems from a few tweets that came up on my twitter timeline; a few people I follow shared tweets about a blogger who paid for an advert in the Evening Standard to promote her blog, little did I know at the time that my comments on this will result in me being trolled. Continue reading

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Carb-Free Soldiers with a Boiled Egg

IMG_0256Sorry for the lack of blog posts – all will be revealed next week why, but in the mean time I wanted to share my starter from the dinner party I hosted yesterday.  I was asked by British Lion Eggs if I would share an egg recipe on my blog and this easy starter of boiled egg with prosciutto wrapped asparagus came to mind, I say starter but it could easily be a breakfast, brunch or lunch dish also. Continue reading

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Escentric Molecules

IMG_0009I’m an absolute sucker for anything that can be personalised and is individual, and this trend continues into my beauty purchases… I’ve written before about my favourite pink lip tint by Tarte, the shade of which depends on the wearer’s PH levels of their lips.  More recently though I have discovered a scent that changes smell depending on the skin it is sprayed on to. Continue reading

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