A Land Without People!

 Last week McD took me east to a really quaint small theatre located just behind Hoxton Square.  We went to see a new play called ‘  A Land Without People’  premiering  at the Courtyard Theatre this month! 

The theatre was so very Shoreditch, the bar – modestly priced for London was walpappered in pages from old books and accessorised with vintage chairs… I’d recommend visiting the theatre just for the bar if you are ever in the neighbourhood… £4 for a gin & tonic which I’d go as far to say was one of the best G&Ts I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking!     The bar was obviously not the main event though, after our drink we took our seats in the studio part of the theatre to watch the play.  The play itself is pretty deep, merging together parliamentary debates, speeches and real life accounts all with a little poetic license to tell the political story of the creation of Israel!

The entire play is cast with just 5 fantastic actors, changing roles effortless before your eyes! personally I found the start a little intellectual and it took my brain a while to warm up to what the actors were saying but with no interval I was quickly sucked in to the drama of the stage!  I obviously can’t really ruin the plot, the state of Israel still exists today BUT seeing the play will definitely give you an almost harrowing insight into the creation of the Israeli state.   Oh! I forget to mention one thing, the reason we went was beacause McD’s ‘little’ brother was one of the stars, he was fantastic… obviously!  The play is over half way through its run, but you have until August 1st to see it if you wish, tickets are modestly priced at £14, and as I said at the beginning I think it’s worth the visit if only to try the gin the bar stocks ;)  


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Debbie Does… Kurobuta

IMG_1875I haven’t shared a good restaurant recommendation lately so here one is… I loved this restaurant so much I actually visited it twice in one week!   Kurobuta is a Japanese/Australian fusion style tapas restaurant with two sites in London; one on the Kings Rd, Chelsea and the other near Marble Arch. Continue reading

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Brighton fun…

IMG_0597Not too far from the campsite McD and I were staying at and in less than hour by train from London is the seaside town of Brighton.  Famous for it’s Lanes shopping, a grid of pedestrianised streets full of quaint antique and jewellery shops you could exclusively spend the whole day there, but this time McD and I decided to explore a little further afield. Continue reading

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Debbie Does Camping

IMG_1536This past weekend McD & I packed up our car and headed to the South Downs for a weekend in a field… My prior experience of camping is restricted to my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions undertaken during my school years and more recently 5 consecutive years of Glastonbury Festival’ing’, both of which obviously offered valuable experience I was able to draw upon ;) Continue reading

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Masterpiece London 2015

IMG_1427I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the annual NSPCC Neo Romantic Art Gala at Masterpiece London 2015 this week, it was an indulgent evening of art, performances and food all in the name of charity.  My words and photos can’t really give the evening justice, but I shall attempt anyway… Continue reading

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Hillarys Crafts Competition 2015

IMG_0706Not so long ago I heard through Joes Blog Network that Hillarys were holding a craft competition to celebrate the launch of their new Roman Blinds fabric collection; the brief was simple… they will send a 1 meter squared piece of fabric and I can craft whatever my heart desires from it and share it with them on my blog for the chance to win £1000!  So here is my entry… Continue reading

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Burgers, Beers & Babes…

IMG_0610So sorry for the lack of blog posts recently… **drumroll** and the reason being is I am helping my favourite London burger restaurant put on the dating event of all dating events! Continue reading

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