Easter Weekend 2015

IMG_8633This past Easter weekend McD and I had planned a mini get away to the New Forest, it was only for one night as we had prior Easter engagements booked, but it was a whole day all to ourselves to explore!  I’ve driven through the New Forest numerous of times to get to McD’s family home in Poole but this is the first time I stayed and I was so glad I did :) Continue reading

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The Inner Circle – DATING REVIEW

IMG_8770I get approached a lot about publicising dating sites and events in London on my blog but being happy in a relationship for over 2 years with McD I can’t really justify it, but the latest invite made me think… I still have a ton of single friends so why don’t I pass the invite on to them, they get to meet eligible(?!) singles and in return they can report back to me via my blog, after all if I was single this would most definitely be something I would be sharing with you all ;) So with that being said allow me to introduce you to Sophie W… I’ve mentioned her before, she was the girl who introduced me to Single Safari and you no doubt will recognise her from photos from my netball nights out.  I sent Sophie and her friend Jo the invite to my latest London singles event, and here in her own words is what she thought:  Continue reading

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Aldi Easter

IMG_8318The best cure for post holiday blues is most definitely presents, and the kind folk at Aldi sent me a lovely easter present which was waiting for me when I arrived back from my fun week in Val D’Isere.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew it would be a sample of some of their seasonal offerings they have available this Easter. Continue reading

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Debbie Does… Val D’Isère

IMG_8217I just got back from the most amazing ski holiday with my friends in Val D’Isère, France, it was my second time back to the resort and it pretty much cemented my original feelings of being the best ski resort in Europe!  It was one of those holidays where everything just went perfectly; amazing accommodation, fantastic weather and the best company all resulted in a lot of fun being had!  My friends and I took hundreds of photos and I could bore you for days with stories of what we all got up to, but I will save you from an endless slide show of holiday snaps and stories, but instead share with you a brief synopsis of our trip with information I would want you to know if you ever end up making a trip to the resort. Continue reading

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Q- What kind of bees make milk?!

IMG_8184A – Boo-‘Bees’ LOL!  Jokes aside this post is dedicated to the serious issue of breasts, and in particular the boob-tastic charity that is CoppaFeel, founded by the inspirational Kris Hallenga.  I first heard of Kris and her charity last year after watching the documentary ‘Dying To Live‘ on the BBC, it’s pretty emosh but totally worth watching if you ever get the chance.  Kris’ story is truly inspirational, diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at 23, a month later with help from her twin sister Maren they set up CoppaFeel, a charity to spread Kris’ story and prevent this from happening to any more young people. Continue reading

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Debbie Does… A perfect poached egg!

I love poached eggs… A fully set white with a delicious warm runny yolk that is exposed by your knife when you cut in to it, but it surprises me how many people don’t know hot to make a perfect poached egg.

Continue reading

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Duck & Waffle

IMG_7396I have finally popped my Duck & Waffle cherry… The reason was to celebrate my friend’s new job – not that you need a reason to meet up with your best mates, but after this morning’s fun experience I think more pre-work socials should be on the cards! Continue reading

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