IMG_7228Last night I got to go an a very special date night with McD as his plus 1 to the Casual Dining Magazine’s National Burger Awards – YES this is actually a thing!!!  We arrived after work at Islington Metal Works behind Angel tube station… I instantly filled with regret as I left my camera at home and only had my iPhone to take photos of such an amazing event.  The location, an event space in a dis-used metal works is best described as grunge-chic.  The roof was covered in colourful lights and bunting but in my eyes the piece de resistance was the tube carriage themed bar!  Apparantly this event is a wedding venue too – I can only imagine how cool the couples are that get married there! Continue reading

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Flowers and food processors!


I had such a lovely weekend with McD… We weren’t intending to have an over the top Valentines day as it’s always a conflicting time of year for me, 1/2 of me is against the commercial money-making corporate campaign but then the other of me is like – I WANT FLOWERS, PRESENTS & A ROMANTIC DINNER NOW… this year that 1/2 won ;) Continue reading

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Carb-Free Banana Pancakes


I love the internet and its weird alternative recipes, like this one I am about to share with you for carb free pancakes – just in time for pancake day!  This is even easier than my Ham & Egg internet findto make 6 small pancakes you only need 1 medium banana and 2 eggs. The method is as simple as the ingredients too – mix the ingredients together and once blended lightly fry on a medium heat, just like normal pancakes! Continue reading

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A love poem…

20130215-114148.jpgVery random blog post, BUT ’tis the valentine’s season after all so I wanted to share this sweet little love poem.  My parents popped over for a light sunday lunch and as soon as my dad walked in to the living room he spotted the roses McD had bought me a week ago and started reciting this beautiful poem: Continue reading

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Hospital Food Vs Pub Food

IMG_6706I had an emotional start to the week… I went to my 15-year-old niece’s school play at the ACS International School, Cobham.  The performance was part of the National Theatre Connections project… a festival for young thespians to showcase specially commissioned plays for young adults across the UK.  This experience really opened both mine and McD’s eyes to the young arts; the time and effort these children put into this production has to be commended, as well as the quality of work which can rival any fringe production I have seen.  On a more general note if you are interested in seeing some of these National Theatre sponsored original plays locally across the country keep checking their website for venues participating in the festival near to you. Continue reading

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Jus Rol’ing with it…


A lot of my friends ask me how do I find so much to write about on my blog? Well 95% of it is just what I get up to and a sort of online diary… but just like we have bad hair days there are no news days (or weeks) where I feel like I have nothing to share, but this is where PR companies help, I get loads of requests emailed to me in a week to try something new and blog about it, most of which I don’t have time with or just don’t think it’s suited to me but occasionally I have matches and Jus Rol were one of these! Continue reading

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Haché Balham


Don’t pity me too much but I’ve been a burger widow these past few months… McD and his team have been very busy creating London’s latest Haché Burger connoisseurs site in Balham. My neglect is of course to the benefit of you Londoners; so I haven’t complained to him too much ;) Continue reading

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